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Behind every great business is an outstanding marketing strategy. First and foremost, it gives you the edge over competitors by identifying and setting the goals and objectives you want to reach, from sales and increased revenue to establishing a loyal customer base and attracting new customers. But that’s not really enough for us. We specialise in going one step further to elevate your brand or business further than you thought possible.

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How we do it

Strategy is at the heart of all the services Cornerstone provides.

And our account managers (AMs) are the strategic surgeons that keep it beating.

Increasing performance and profit and identifying target customer needs are key elements of a marketing strategy.

Our AMs augment the strategic process using our ‘AID’ technique:

  • Analyse and evaluate your business and competitor market.
  • Identify ways for your business to diversify and adapt to better penetrate your target market.
  • Deliver the mechanisms which ultimately deliver results.

They often draw on all of our disciplines to do this – digital, design and PR – to form a cohesive and responsive approach. They are a seamless integration to your business or, depending on clients’ existing capacity, an extension to your in-house teams.


We guarantee a collaborative approach


• Brand strategy

Brand strategy is crucial. It’s the framework which underpins all your marketing activities and – a little like an ill-constructed marquee – without this well-considered strategy support it’s inevitable the whole thing will come tumbling down. We only deliver exceptional brand strategies that are devised to align all elements of your business into a cohesive marketing powerhouse. Our experienced marketeers use insight, research and analysis to tailor results-driven strategies which combine objectives and goals with purpose and vision.


• Content strategy

As a full-service agency we offer multiple services, but it takes a content strategy to pull all those elements together to ensure consistency and direction. It’s rather like a map and charts those content elements – for example PR, social media, design, advertising – through to the destinations of business goals and objectives. It’s an ongoing transformational process which we regularly analyse and assess to ensure it is achieving maximum results.


• Marketing strategy

Strategy is at the heart of all the services we offer. Focussed and concise thinking equals increased performance and profit and helps you – and us – identify your customers’ needs. A well-executed marketing strategy is the cornerstone of a great business, and we practise what we preach. We evaluate your business strengths and weaknesses and carry out competitor analysis to develop routes that will diversify, change and innovate to better penetrate your target market.

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• SWOT analysis

Simple but effective, SWOT analysis is a method of analysing your business from the get-go. It stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats, thus covering all bases from a marketing strategy perspective. It allows us to identify where you want to be, how you can get there and the obstacles that might try to block your path. Essentially, it helps us to form a strategy that makes you stand out from the competitor crowd. We capitalise on the strengths and form solutions to the problems.


• Campaign audits

Your strategy is in place, your campaign is underway so we can put our feet up, right? Wrong! We can’t afford to rest on our laurels in marketing. Regular audits are imperative to keep everything appraised and on track. We review methodologies and resources to ensure they’re hitting the mark and not wasting valuable budget. We drill down into every element to help us understand how it’s performing, what’s working well and whether there are elements we need to tweak.


• Competitor analysis

You wouldn’t buy a house without viewing it, so why would you develop a marketing strategy without first sizing up the competition? Assessing the strengths and weaknesses of existing and potential competitors allows us to be agile and reactive when creating a marketing strategy. We use efficient and effective research methods to scrutinise the competition as a basis for setting client goals and objectives. By assessing their performance, strategies and tactics we can form a robust response that differentiates you and identifies your position within the market.

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Our process

Identify objectives

We’re all ears when it comes to clients’ marketing needs and business objectives and we take time to understand intentions, proposals and the audiences they want to reach. These initial discussions give us an overview of your requirements and help identify strategic options from the get-go.

Scope and propose

We provide a proposal and estimate for our approach to the project, outlining our methodology, insight and budgets and the Cornerstone service elements we deem necessary to get the job done.


Whether this is a comprehensive brand workshop, onboarding process or simple design brief, the AMs get under the skin of the business, brand or product to make a highly insightful assessment. We take detailed briefs surrounding a client’s vision, offering strategic and marketing insights along the way to enhance this process before forming team-facing brief to let them loose with their expertise.

Quality assurance

Every single piece of work we produce is proofed and reviewed carefully against objectives ahead of being sent to the client for approval. We aim for perfection and always strive for excellence.

Deadline and budget management

We take timescales and spending very seriously, applying both ethics and integrity. Our consistent aim is to achieve target or above.

Evaluate and refine

We use agreed insights and metrics to evaluate performance, constantly re-evaluating opportunities for new or improved approaches to achieve targets and set higher bars for success.

Our Work

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