Senior Digital Marketer
  • Superpower
    Analytics! Give me raw data and I can create a story from numbers better than a Penguin Classic.
  • Kryptonite
    The allure of my bed for a brief afternoon siesta – and then waking up hours later in a different dimension – one where there’s no more core algorithm updates from Google!

Senior Digital Marketer Dan says he gets a ‘warm fuzzy feeling’ inside translating marketing data into a marketing narrative and creating digital campaigns that outperform the previous one.

The ever-changing digital landscape makes that a tough challenge, but ultimately he says, seeing the fruits of his labour in terms of results, and a smile on a client’s face, makes him come back to work week after week (we pay him too, that helps).


Dan says the very fact that marketing changes so rapidly makes every day exciting – or as he puts it: “You truly never know when there’s going to be a core algorithm update from Google, and it really keeps you on your toes – which I love.”