Email automation. It’s far from robotic.

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You’re probably carrying out some email marketing, but are you looking for that next step up to make it really ‘sing’?

If so, digital marketing campaigns can be taken to a much more advanced level with a really strong email automation system based on detailed website user analysis and market research.

Email automation is a very effective way of sending out marketing emails triggered by a website visitor’s action, such as a purchase, with tailored, personalised content based on that individual website visitor’s journey, preferences and interests.

Automation is ideal for both business and consumer audiences. It is highly efficient and saves you huge amounts of time in sending out tailored marketing emails manually.

It also leads to superior audience engagement, loyalty, sales completions, cross-selling and up-selling opportunities.

Email automation can be applied for e-commerce and non-e-commerce websites. And it may require significant investment at the start, but the return on investment is excellent once a system is running.

Understanding website visitors.

Your website probably has many different types of users. Automation enables emails to be triggered when a visitor goes to your website and completes some form of action. Emails can be partly or fully personalised, depending on data gathered from the website visit. It’s a much more individual and engaging method of marketing which requires little resource after being installed.

There are different levels of automation which can take services to even-more refined levels. For example, if a website visitor on their first visit looks at product A but later returns to look at a different product B, automated emails can respond to these different website journeys with tailored messages reflecting their specific and expanding interests. Potentially hundreds or thousands of unique emails can be sent to many different users, saving your organisation valuable time.

At the start of any automation project, it’s important to spend time fully understanding your different types of customers and their journey within your website.


Flexibility, relevance and timing.

Email automation offers much greater opportunities for your business to subsequently get information back from each customer or potential customer. You can establish if the recipient has opened the email, clicked through to your website, bought a product, taken up an offer or looked at other sections of your website.

Automation allows you to adapt to their response and behaviour, and try a different tactic if need be.  That might be a promotion or discount offer or something else – perhaps a detailed industry insight report of relevance to them.

Alternatively, automation can be used for a series of ‘drip’ emails which supply small amounts of relevant information to the prospect. For example, drip campaigns can begin with a brief ‘welcome’ message and a simple call to action, such as encouragement to browse your website or subscribe to a service.

Don’t underestimate the power of welcome emails in turning warm leads into customers.

Digital industry research suggests welcome emails are read by more recipients than standard marketing emails and lead to far higher number of clicks to websites. Welcome emails can generate over 300% more income than other methods.

Subsequent drip emails can present more snippets of key information about your organisation, sector, products or services. They can also encourage customers to complete orders or e-commerce purchases or offer personalised recommendations. These can increase sales per email by 150%.

But relevance and timing are important. Care is needed not to bombard recipients with irrelevant content or too many emails too often. You may want to consider an offer or discount for new prospects. But caution is needed. Offers can raise false expectations for any future transactions and also impact on your organisation’s image and positioning in the market.

The next steps.

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By Email automation. It’s far from robotic.,

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