Yep that’s me! When I get tasked with creating a logo for a client I get a little bit excited to say the least. I get briefed with many things on a daily basis but my favorite HAS to be logo design, so whether a client is a new starter or wanting a brand refresh I see this as my opportunity to really showcase and put my skills to the test.


A Logo is the initial point of recognition and the fundamental focus of a business. It’s a way of expressing and encompassing the company in a single visual form, so it’s absolutely vital to get the graphical aspects correct and the messaging clear.


As a designer I have to encompass the clients ideologies into a single graphic. A logo needs to be memorable; it needs to be enduring and stand the test of time; it needs to be versatile so it can work across a range of mediums and most importantly it needs to stand out from the crowd. So where does she even begin? I hear you ask…


The Brief

The first step of the journey is to get briefed. I learn exactly what it is the client is wanting and why they are taking this step to re-invent or invent their brand. I try and gauge if they have a preference to certain colour schemes, fonts and styles. Once I have a clear understanding of what the client seeks I then begin the researching process…



Along with competitor research I find it just as important to carry out further research on the client to get a clearer understanding of the company ethos, their brand values and how they are currently positioned within the market. I research the industry as a whole and look for competitors to see how we can position ourselves better and stand out tall above them.



(By this point I’m itching to get going)

Once I am happy with the researching process and feel I have enough brand and market knowledge on the client/industry, I begin the design process. I start by roughly sketching my ideas down on paper. Once I am confident I have several good routes to pursue I then transfer these ideas to the computer using a programme called Adobe Illustrator. This is where they really begin to come to life! I create around 4-6 initial digital design concepts each with a unique look and feel and individual brand elements/colour pallets so that I am presenting my client with a varied choice for them to consider.


Reflection & The Pitch

Designing a logo can be a timely and intensive process so it’s vital to seek outside views at this stage. Once I have a reached a point of content with my lovingly crafted logo’s, I take a step back and call on the opinions of my lovely colleagues so I can get honest, unbiased opinions.


As a team we discuss the strongest designs and decide which to put forward to the client for consideration. We then work closely with the client to develop their chosen logo to a finished format, and more often than not develop their brand as a whole by applying their logo to a number of things such as literature and marketing materials.


To many people a logo may seem like a simple form of communication, however the leg work that goes in behind the scenes is quite the opposite. It’s a time intensive process with many phases to work through but the finished result gives me a great sense of satisfaction!


If you would like any help with your logo or would like to discuss your branding and marketing communications, please get in touch!

Cornerstone DM