Research, report and resolve. Digging deep into the core of your business.

Our marketing audits are fully comprehensive; giving you a detailed analysis and evaluation of your whole marketing structure. We look at both internal and external factors, your current goals and objectives, performance levels and strategies to assess problem areas and opportunities for growth.

The auditing process covers every part of your current marketing operation, to ensure areas for improvement are properly assessed and considered. After we have gathered insight, our experienced team moves onto the analysis stage where we work through your current objectives and strategies and look at the overall running of you marketing department. We then collaborate closely with our client to draw-up a detailed plan of action with recommendations for change based on the insight we have gained.

Being an integrated agency, means that after this process we can offer further support to you by creating a new strategic plan. Using our new-found knowledge of your business, we also find that many clients benefit from our advertising support retainers. These enable us to help shape the future success of the newly formed marketing plan.

Marketing Audit services include:

  • SWOT Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Digital Audit
  • Internal and External Marketing Reviews
  • Customer Research
  • Mystery Shopping

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