Edge Structural Design began as a small scale, fairly simple task; to take their existing website and give the content and design a refresh. However, the more we delved into what exactly the client wanted, the more it became apparent it wouldn’t be possible for us to achieve their desired look and feel with their existing branding.

And so, that’s where the Edge project really began. Cornerstone were tasked with bringing the clients vision to life; designing a new brand look and feel, a bespoke website, a full suite of literature and a new office interior fit out.

Edge Structural stationery design


Cornerstone developed a new brand look and feel, giving a much cleaner and simplistic look, reflective of not only the clients vision but also the way Edge operates.

The font and design is sharp, representing the meticulous attention to detail Edge prides itself on across everything they do. The link between the two letters in the logo symbolises one of their main aims; to develop strong, long lasting client relationships, showing how Cornerstone incorporate what a company stands for in every detail of the design.

Edge Structural - website design mobile view


A brand new look for Edge, in which both the client and Cornerstone are proud of. The new brand sets them apart from their competitors with a contemporary look to attract the calibre of projects they take pride in working on.

The new branding has been carried out across their website, literature and emails, creating a consistent and recognisable look for the brand much more effectively than the previous, quite busy logo allowed for. The branding also lead on to an office interior design and fit out project which is worthy of a separate case study which you can read about here.

Edge Structural - website design tablet view
Edge Structural - website design desktop view

Cornerstone DM