Kirkham Legal commissioned Cornerstone to develop a new responsive, content managed website that was easily editable, well built and setup to optimise for search engine rankings and visibility.

The website needed to display their entire range of key services in a clear and easy to understand manner, whilst showing visitors clearly what the benefits of using the company over their competitors.

Core service offerings needed to be visible throughout all areas of the site, in order to generate ensure visitors knew the range of services available from Kirkham Legal additional to just conveyancing, and to also generate more traffic to those services in order to encourage enquiries and leads.

Kirkham Legal Website


Having already been re-branded through our previous work with Alan Kirkham Estate Agents, and made into its own entity, Kirkham Legal wanted a website that emulated their professionalism, but also their local and friendly service. With this in mind, we created a website that had a fresh, clean look, making all information accessible, well optimised and easy to navigate.

Due to the core services within Kirkham Legal being quite defined, we split the website content into those four areas of practice, with cross selling opportunities on each page to make users aware of their wider services on offer.

This allowed their customers to easily navigate and distinguish between all areas of legal practices Kirkham Legal offer, improving user usability, satisfaction, and overall online experience.

Kirkham Legal Website


The project was completed in line with an overall refresh of Kirkham Legal’s brand, leaving the client satisfied and ready to implement a wider marketing campaign through digital and traditional channels.

The content within the website was carefully crafted to Kirkham Legal’s requirements by our in-house digital marketing team, meaning that when it came to SEO optimisation, the site was well positioned to help the company stand out from its competitors as a leading conveyancing & legal firm in the North West.

The final website was very well received by the client and said to have really refreshed their organisation’s online presence for the better.

Kirkham Legal Website

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