Linda Lewis Kitchens, (LLK) wanted a website that stayed in line with their new brand, also designed by us, that showcased more of their brand personality and set them apart from other industry leaders, as well as featuring their products more prominently and improving on user experience.

The website needed to be responsive to allow for better usability across all devices for their audience, and also to benefit their SEO to attract more organic traffic to the site.

Linda Lewis Kitchens Website


Cornerstone’s design team created a website that was more visually appealing and eye catching than their existing one, as well as having much better user navigation, flow, and structure. It incorporated the new logo, strapline, and character to create instant brand recognition and was also created to have key call to actions, including the products and homepage slider. We also developed the colour coding of each product range to ensure easier navigation and usability, as well as building on the theme developed for other literature, such as the new LLK product brochures.

Linda Lewis Kitchens Website


The website was very well received by the whole Linda Lewis team and truly represents everything their brand stands for. They all agree that it is better in its layout, better co-ordinated with their brand and target customer, and serves better purpose for them than their previous site. The new web design and development is sure to improve the SEO of their website and will therefore create more conversions and brand awareness in the future.

Linda Lewis Kitchens Website

Cornerstone DM