Linda Lewis Kitchens wanted a new brand image that truly reflected their personality and the way that they approached their work. The brand therefore had to be fun and bubbly to better represent the LLK team, as well as being able to be used in a corporate manner, as well as a more engaging, fun approach too.

As part of the project, the client also wanted their existing product brochures updating to reflect the new brand. They therefore commissioned Cornerstone to develop a creative design route for their product brochures that would help to build on their brand and strengthen their company personality within the industry.

Linda Lewis Kitchens Rebrand


Cornerstone developed a clean logo that worked on a corporate level, as well as a character, which was based on Linda Lewis herself. This added more charisma to the brand as it is known for giving a professional, yet personal and friendly service. The new font for the logo and strapline helps to set them apart from competitors whilst bolstering their experience and knowledge.

The new brochures brough the new brand to life with a  new layout with colour coordinated product categories to make it easier for audiences to find exactly what they were looking for.

By integrating the new character into the design and instilling more appropriate and attractive typography into each brochure, the new literature creates instant brand recognition and helps to instill a strong presence across each channel for LLK.


Linda Lewis Kitchens Rebrand


The new brand and brochures were very well received by the whole LLK team who thought that it better reflected the whole business and helped their company image and work shine through in a more cohesive manner. It has been carried across their website, literature, and email presence allowing for a better more consistent message.

They have already been used to increase engagement via their social media channels and will continue to offer a better overall representation of their full range.

Cornerstone DM